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Passionflower Tincture

Passionflower Tincture

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Key Actions:


  • Sedative
  • Antispasmodic
  • Tranquilizing


Botanical Name:  Passiflora incarnata 


Origin: Italy

*Passiflora incarnata, gluten free vodka.

*organic, non-gmo, non irradiated. 


Extraction: 1:5 Dried Aerial Portion


Alcohol Percent: 40% - Gluten Free Vodka


Tincture (1:5 ratio): 1 full TSP an hour before bed, or 1/2 tsp 2x daily.
Infusion (tea): Add 1 cup of boiling water to 1 tsp. of dried herb and infuse for 15-20 minutes. Drink 1 cup in the evening to aid sleep or 1 cup two times per day for other conditions.
Capsules: Take 400mg capsules, 2-4 daily.


Passionflower may cause drowsiness. Do not take high doses in pregnancy. 



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