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 Knoxville, TN class dates will be released soon!


Herbal Classes with Lauren

Do you love plants? Are you interested in herbal medicine? Then come to an herbal class! Lauren is currently teaching in person classes in Perrysburg, Ohio and surrounding areas.

 Lauren's classes are unique, informative, and hands on.  Lauren is passionate about teaching her community the benefits of herbal medicine.


What to expect at an herbal class?


Community. Connection. Learning.

Lauren wants students to get a full herbal experience. From herbal tea and herbal infused treats being served during class, to sampling tinctures, hands on activies, and medicine making; to informative, yet easy to understand presentations.

Lauren doesn't want you to stop learning after class is over. Each student goes home with hand outs that have key information we discussed in class, along with recipes. Classes at The 577 Foundation run on average about two hours.



 How to Attend an Herbal Class?

You can attend an herbal class by visiting The 577 Foundation website.  

Upcoming Classes

5-7-2024 The Wisdom Of Aloe.
Learn the benefits of aloe, and make an aloe salve in class while samping aloe infused coconut water and help me sleep herbal bites.

5-22-2024 The Wisdom of Clove
Learn the benefits of clove, make clove tincture in class while sampling clove tea and help me sleep herbal bites.