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Lauren has spent over 16 years working in the garden and has over 1,600 hours of herbal education. Her studies range from introductory herbal courses to clinical education and applications with clients.

Lauren enjoys studying phytotherapy and pharmacology to help apply herbs in clinical settings; making her well rounded in folkloric and clinical herbalism. Lauren is passionate about bridging the gap between ancient traditions and newly emerging scientific research.

She believes it is an honor to teach the community and her clients how to apply herbs in a proactive way, to enhance the quality and vitality of their lives.

Ivory summer

the beginning

My journey with plants began long before I knew the scientific names, or the affinities the constituents have on specific organs.

It began in 2007 as a garden hand, tending to plants. From watering, planting, transplanting, cloning, to harvesting and processing. 

In 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Shortly after a check-up, she began having uncontrolable hives, swelling, and eczema. This stumped the medical professionals at the time. According to their professional opinion allergic reactions and anaphylactic symptoms don’t occur in children under one year of age.

the magic of the


At four months old Ivory developed food allergies. Ivory was exclusively breastfed, no matter how many adjustments I made to my diet; Ivory would continue to have allergic reactions. Her skin, so red, inflamed and swollen from the symptoms she was experiencing. The prescription steroid creams and OTC topical ointments didn’t alleviate any of her suffering. I was left frustrated and confused.

 I let this frustration and confusion fuel a deep passionate desire for healing. I returned to the garden, where it all began; for guidance.  I began making our own personal health products.

the magic of


These products began showing tangible results for Ivory. Not long after that; did I have other parents, friends and family members approaching me for guidance and support.

This birthed Sacred Infusions Apothecary.

Sixteen years later, words cant express the gratitude I experience. I am honored to be trusted by my community as their herbalist.

  • Reading

    My favorite books are the ones that you find in antique shops. The ones that smell a little musty, and the binding is coming undone. Old books are my jam! From the smell, to the signatures of the people who read them before us. I am a sucker for old medical text books, but my favorite fiction book is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte.

  • In Nature

    I make it a priority to spend time with family in Nature. From walks and foraging, to simply "earthing", spending time in Nature is crucial to our wellbeing. I have learned a lot from Nature, in regards to every aspect of my life, whether that be; spirituality, health, wellness, When you can't find me teaching an herbal class, formulating tinctures, or packaging orders-- you'll find me outside, In The Garden.

  • With Family

    Lauren enjoys spending time with her family. Whether that is in the garden, on the deck, or sitting in their backyard enjoying views of the Clinch River and collecting seashells.

    Someone once said, "If you can ever hear a Van Morrison song blaring from speakers, than you know Lauren isnt too far away."


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