Herbal Instructor Editon: The Wisdom of Elderberry

Herbal Instructor Editon: The Wisdom of Elderberry



 Creating commUNITY through plants, Nature, and learning.



Creating community.


About 20 years ago, I took my first "herbal class". It was on a beautiful piece of property, a greenhouse nestled under trees. It was majestic. The class was an introduction to essential oils, and how to use them. My favorite part, although, seldom talked about was, "what are the constituents inside the essential oil?" "What could these constituents do?"


The instructor, an incredible woman, who had a way with words; captivated me. Just as a flower with pollen, captivates a bee. The way she talked about the constituents, as if they were our friends, and the way she welcomed all walks of life who came to her classes; made me feel like I finally belonged somewhere. 


I remember leaving class and telling my friends and family that "one day, I hope I can teach classes on plants and make people feel welcome and give them a place to connect, learn, and laugh." Most importantly, I wanted people to feel safe and that they belonged. Just as my essential oil instructor made me feel. 

I began to realize the plants were calling me forth to dig deeper into the plant kingdom. Understanding the whole plant, became extremely important to me. 



Flash forward.

About 15 years ago, my herbalism journey began to pick up pace. I began making herbal remedies for my daughter. My friends and family became interested when they saw how much it had helped her. These hand formulated, small batch, herbal remedies cleared up what expensive, pharmaceuticals couldnt. Everyone was amazed.

When I started my herbal business, I began working directly with the community. There was so much interest in these plants, and what they can do. Small classes, live streams, zoom calls, you name it. If there was a place that allowed me to discuss plants with others, I was there.

The 577 Foundation.

Opened in 1988 and located in Perrysburg, Ohio's Historic district. Sitting on 12.9 acres, the  picturesque views, buildings, gardens, the bee hives (my personal favorite is the indoor one), the redwood tree, and people synergistically working together to keep Virgina's dream alive.

Virginia Secor Stranahan was a very generous woman. Growing up with means and privilleges; Virgina's family instilled in her how important it was to give back to the community. 

Although Virginia passed away in 1997, you cant help but feel connected to her. Maybe it's because all of her things are still there? Including her book collection! I could spend hours just looking at the books she was interested in.  What I do know about Virginia is that, she was a giving woman, who wanted to connect the community through nature, curiosity, and education. Virginia was also adamant about preserving her land from being commercially developed.

After visiting the 577, touring the grounds, visting the bees, admiring the redwood; I just had to be apart of the 577.


Community. Connection. Learning.

Joining many other talented instructors, I am honored to say that, as of January of 2024, I began instructing herbal classes at The 577 Foundation. If you'd like to tour the grounds, or register for a class check out this link here

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