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  • Sleepy Syrup was formulated with nervine and tonic herbs to promote relaxation and deeper sleep. Start consuming one hour before bed. Adult dosing is 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp. every 30 minutes. For children's doing please reference the chart provided below. 

  • Keep refrigerated! Shelf life if stored properly is four weeks. 

  • Oatstraw is calming and strengthening to the nervous system. Nutrient dense, thus supporting Qi. 


  • Chamomile is a gentle nervine. Used to promote better sleep quality. The antioxidant apigenin may be responsbile. 


  • Valerian is a one of my favorite nervines. It has an affinity to the central nervous system, promoting a "sense of calm" usually within 15-20 minutes (some clients are reporting). Used since Galen for insomnia and other sleep disorders.


  • Spearmint contains the essential oil menthol. Studies show menthol to relax the senses, calm the body, and promote a better quality sleep. 
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