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Damiana for the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra represents our sexuality, pleasure and creativity. When blocked symptoms may include, anemia, joint problems, low energy, low back pain, and kidney issues. A somewhat controversial belief is painful PMS symptoms and low sex drive are a result of a blocked sacral chakra.  Damiana is a beautiful herb. It has been used medicinally for centuries. Damiana’s uses include being used as an aphrodisiac. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but why is damiana used as an aphrodisiac? Because it stimulates the genital area by enriching our oxygen supply. It is a wonderful herb to banish anxiety and nervousness. Damiana has also been shown to improve digestion.

Rose for the heart chakra. This chakra represents your individual center for compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. When blocked symptoms may include, shyness, loneliness, anxiety, co-dependance, jealousy, validation, and harsh judgement of yourself and others.  Rose has been used spiritually and medicinally by our ancestors for centuries. It has been said that Rose balances Prana Vata, which regulates the functions of the nervous system. Therefore letting you relax, and promote optimal blood flow and circulation, which is needed for a healthy sex life.

Cinnamon is a powerhouse herb, it represents the solar plexus chakra and also the sacral chakra. The solar plexus chakra represents ego, and self-esteem. When blocked this creates fear, digestive issues and bloating. Cinnamon is known as a warming herb, which increases blood flow and raises body temperature. A small amount of cinnamon rubbed into the skin is said to act as a powerful sexual stimulant.

Ginger is also promotes the opening of the sacral chakra. This herb is a delicious, warming herb and will help “deliver” other herbs to the blood stream faster. Ginger is known to be a wonderful herb for men’s sexual health. The number one cause for erectile dysfunction is poor circulation. By boosting circulation, it will promote adequate blood flow to the proper areas.

Valerian is related to the root chakra. The root chakra is associated with security and stability, your foundation, instincts, and physical health. When our root chakra is open we are deeply grounded to earth, and have a strong sense of security, both physically and metaphorically. Valerian is a nervine. It’s antispasmodic, so it relaxes the muscles, and provides relief from aches and pains.  Reduces anxiety, and promotes a sense of calmness.

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To support your divine union and sacred sexuality with this luxurious herbal aphrodisiac body cream. Massage your partner clockwise. Pair with our Divine Union Herbal Aphrodisiac Chocolate and Divine Union Herbal Aphrodisiac Tea. Start consuming one hour before.

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